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US-2863533-A: Sectional open-web beam patent, US-2875702-A: Combination fixture patent, US-2880832-A: Combination clutch and gear shift control for mixer units patent, US-2881609-A: Combined clothes washing machine and dryer patent, US-2884957-A: Flexible tubing patent, US-2906656-A: Method of producing a glass-reinforced plastic article patent, US-2908584-A: Thermoplastic adhesives of polyamide resins and polybasic aliphatic acids patent, US-2974621-A: Torpedo steering mechanism patent, US-2980304-A: Paperboard fluid container patent, US-2984222-A: Constant work output rotary hydraulic device patent, US-3010896-A: Extreme pressure lubricant containing asbestos fibers patent, US-3026577-A: Means and method for mounting prefabricated panels of insulation patent, US-3037495-A: Biopsy device patent, US-3101091-A: Moisture ejection valve patent, US-3125906-A: Lead bonding machine patent, US-3150346-A: Underwater transducer patent, US-3225375-A: Cleaning device patent, US-3262657-A: Vtol short hop aircraft patent, US-3311549-A: Electrolytic shaping apparatus patent, US-3325173-A: High pressure packing patent, US-3338400-A: Packing device for articles requiring sterile and/or aseptic conditions patent, US-3384475-A: Aluminum refining patent, US-2454961-A: Method and apparatus for casting aluminum patent, US-2516990-A: Ultra high frequency mixer circuits patent, US-2521255-A: Cathode-ray tube with secondary intensity control of cathode rays patent, US-2533466-A: Hydraulic mechanism patent, US-2558322-A: Synthetic rubber garbage container patent, US-2610039-A: Refrigerator condenser coil assembly patent, US-2650016-A: Parcel bag patent, US-2692111-A: Receptacle filling machine patent, US-2706442-A: Ventilated wall patent, US-2731984-A: everett patent, US-2740717-A: Photographic transfer process patent, US-2834226-A: Torsional vibration dampers patent, US-2855373-A: Water dispersions of an ethylenic monomer and a polyester of an ethylenic dicarboxylic acid patent, US-2856238-A: Method and means for suspension of a rotatable object in space patent, FR-2748333-B1: Procede pour selectionner un module electronique parmi une pluralite de modules presents dans le champ d'interrogation d'un terminal patent, US-2906472-A: Hose reel with brake patent, US-2916950-A: Indexing units patent, US-2921673-A: Merchandise display package patent, US-2952558-A: Dry-process porcelain enamelling of cast iron and like articles patent, US-2978729-A: Revolving windshield wiper patent, US-2979750-A: Device for a windshield wiper blade and arm assembly patent, US-2994411-A: Automatic brake adjusting devices patent, US-3048777-A: Apparatus for measuring the rate of accumulation of static electrical potential patent, US-3086376-A: Apparatus for bending glass sheets patent, US-3096626-A: Method of chilling, storing and shipping perishable materials patent, US-3107681-A: Double check valve patent, US-3122057-A: Means for launching space vehicles patent, US-3126066-A: Rotary drill bit with wiper blade patent, US-3136295-A: Liquid level signal device for tanks patent, US-3142695-A: Hexachlorobicycloheptenealkyl esters of arylphosphonic acids patent, US-3333701-A: Filter device for aquarium tanks patent, US-3359865-A: Ram or pile driver patent, US-2495767-A: Preparation of fibers from carboxymethylcellulose patent, US-2500637-A: Frequency selective electrical device patent, US-2550672-A: Diaphragm anchoring means patent, US-2667000-A: Portable folding airstrip marker patent, US-2685154-A: Drive means for rotary cutting tools patent, US-2714506-A: Structure for removing ice from a roadway patent, US-2747355-A: Tractor drawn implements patent, US-2768034-A: Mechanical bearing patent, US-2848773-A: Method of precision casting patent, US-2876794-A: Pressure responsive valve structure patent, US-2943378-A: High lift fabric for laminated lubricator wick patent, US-3063584-A: Truck with cable reel loading and unloading means patent, US-3111147-A: Sabre saw machine patent, US-3130966-A: Means for assembling books of variable compass patent, US-3143662-A: Tunnel diode amplifier employing alternating current bias patent, US-3257369-A: Catalysts having an improved activity in the stereospecific polymerization of alpha-olefins and process for preparing same patent, US-3276185-A: Safety stirrup patent, US-3294097-A: Paster for machine made cigars patent, US-2498251-A: Drill bit patent, US-2602510-A: Ported cementing apparatus patent, US-2638364-A: Stuffing box for dough mixers patent, US-2757331-A: Thyratron power amplifier patent, US-2760367-A: Engine cooling system testing device patent, US-2851111-A: Pneumatic packer patent, US-2852005-A: Method and means for controlling resuperheat temperature patent, US-2900707-A: Metallic protective coating patent, US-2911274-A: Desk top construction patent, US-2914790-A: Suction cleaner and flexible and extensible hose therefor patent, US-2928573-A: Valve actuating assembly for metered spray atomizing devices patent, US-2953118-A: Port fitting patent, US-3010522-A: Beet harvester patent, US-3119314-A: Concrete roller-tamper patent, US-3214594-A: Photosensitive apparatus including linear compensation networks patent, US-3279187-A: Rocket-ramjet propulsion engine patent, US-2432876-A: Control system patent, US-2502389-A: Portable air heater patent, US-2506312-A: Motor speed and circuit governor patent, US-2608135-A: Loading apparatus for automatic firearms patent, US-2615498-A: Reclining article of furniture patent, US-2792011-A: Flood control means patent, US-2807814-A: Cleaning brush and scraper for elongated cylindrical work items patent, US-2816589-A: Salad bowl patent, US-2861810-A: Golf ball patent, US-2866932-A: Electric motor control for chimes patent, US-2923461-A: Impulse axial-flow compressor patent, US-3098789-A: Agricultural spray emulsion concentrates and their method of manufacture patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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